Hi readers!

We can finally start, and when we say "finally" it is because we have been very busy the last month trying to adapt our life to the new city, but here we are again!

One thing we realised since the first day we arrived to Singapore is that almost everybody  wears Louis Vuitton bags, it is like a new religion. This city is logo land, wherever you look you can see LV logo what makes people look very similar.

Today we would like to show you a bag we think is perfect and what is more, it has no logo. 

By Celine, this shopping bag is becoming an icon of the new image of the French brand. Despite being initially designed for spring-summer collections the success it had has transcended and now is a "must".

Simplicity, straight lines, two colours and squared shapes, this is the Phoebe Philo´s style and the new code of Celine.

We only have seen one like that in the city and it made us turn back our head. Personally we love it because is discret and it adds a touch of style to every outfit.