Anne Kluytenaar

Amazing work by the young designer Anne Kluytenaar. It is like if she had read my mind. I find her work absolutely inspiring and I personally think the masculine-feminine juxtaposition is so interesting and yet so unknown.

Gaudi is back

Musée Rodin gardens conditioned for Dior Haute Couture show SS14, inspired by Gaudí´s architecture
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Amazing Leigh Bowery

Ligh Bowery interviewed by Gary Glitter

Marble tiles by AKDO

Christopher Gray

Get textured

Nick Knight, Body Language 2010


Keneth Noland 1964

Blue pool

Nicholas Gottlund

Blue pool is not the genuine tittle of this piece of art, but is what comes to me when I look at it. Blue pool and Hockney.

April Tiplady for Double Magazine

April Tiplady by Jamie Hawkesworth for Double Magazine #26 fw13.

I absolutely love everything from this photo, everything: the pose, the black and white filter, the entire look; hair, make up, outfit. Amazing.

The model, the name of the model, OMG! April Tiplady, April Tiplady...I can´t help wondering how would it sound from her lips. Amazing name anyway, it´s perfection.

What fascinates me is that all details are working together perfectly: fur, lips, laces, even the completely black outfit, although you can not see it very well but it doesn´t matter, you can imagine a story, a moment in time.

Moment + space = texture

Husk FW 13-14

Original image from Número magazine.

Get inspired by.

Jack Pierson

By Jack Pierson


Artist: Chaidalis Constatinos

Amanda Lepore

Lately I'm so interested in transexual way of life, I find it inspiring and new. What I like about it is that the condition of being transexual is a challenge, a risk, but it is also a way of expression.

I love what comes from people who are different and see the world in a different way than the rest. Daring people who are not afraid of being who they are or behave the opposite way they are supposed to and according to their own values and beliefs.

I deeply love that kind of transexual exaggeration that makes me consider the world is not just one way, "that way" we accept as a normal way of living. 

Artistically, I find pretty amazing the way A. Lepore is and acts, the colours she uses for make up, the hair do´s, the completely lack of shyness to perform pretty naked and basically, the version she plays of a woman.

Look at her photos by David La Chapelle.

The black side of Barbie

A few months ago I took these polaroid pictures from Barbie just to show a new side of her. The iconic doll that represents perfection and beauty has also a "black side". 

To me, that black side has no negative connotations at all, in deed, as you can see it reflects a very private moment that we all have for ourselves. So does she.

On my wish-list

Rick Owens men´s mink gloves
 Source: LN-CC

Get inspired by Japan

Source: WGSN

A new way to wear a Japanese Kimono. A-mazing.

New shapes

Karlie Kloss doing sculptural couture for Interview magazine.


My favourite JUUN.J look.


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