Amanda Lepore

Lately I'm so interested in transexual way of life, I find it inspiring and new. What I like about it is that the condition of being transexual is a challenge, a risk, but it is also a way of expression.

I love what comes from people who are different and see the world in a different way than the rest. Daring people who are not afraid of being who they are or behave the opposite way they are supposed to and according to their own values and beliefs.

I deeply love that kind of transexual exaggeration that makes me consider the world is not just one way, "that way" we accept as a normal way of living. 

Artistically, I find pretty amazing the way A. Lepore is and acts, the colours she uses for make up, the hair do´s, the completely lack of shyness to perform pretty naked and basically, the version she plays of a woman.

Look at her photos by David La Chapelle.