Iris Van Herpen, our choice

Hi readers!

Yesterday the Emmy Awards ceremony took place and in our opinion, the red carpet was one of the worst we have ever seen, a complete boredom. The majority of ladies wearing the same designer: Elie Saab.

We missed naturalness, youth, freshness, and personality. Attending a special occasion like this one doesn't mean loosing your personal style, your identity. 

Today we would like to show you the dress we would have chosen if we had attended the Emmy Awards. Our choice, Haute Couture by Iris Van Herpen. Look!

From the Capriole collection.

Modern, fresh, original, with a futurism touch but without being bulky. Unique. We also love the hairstyling, so simple. When wearing such beautiful and special pieces you don´t need additional accessories to complete the look, the look is perfect like that.

We would just add a touch of colour. We still don´t know where, maybe on the nails, maybe some pear-shaped emerald earrings...

Here is the latest talent of fashion, Iris Van Herpen. Born in 1984 in The Netherlands, she started her own fashion label in 2007. Her concept of fashion is very close to McQueen, Margiela, Chalayan or Taminiau who, like her, believe that fashion is an expression of art. 

She is a master of mixing new materials, creating new volumes and shapes. Her talent is so that she is already showing her creations at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

We leave you with this amazing dress. See you all tomorrow!