The perfect day look

Hi readers!

Something boring about fashion is the fact that we are always viewing the same names, the same brands, the same styles. We love finding new inspirational sources, new faces and names that contribute to new ideas and add a different perspective revitalizing historic houses.We refer to the new designer of Rochas, Marco Zanini. 

Let us show what are the best outfits for a perfect day look.

We love the colours, intense blue inside, animal print or this beautiful peach tone outside. Simple, elegant, wearable, comfortable and very chic. 

The designer is building up a new image of this historical brand that has its roots in Paris. Experts say he prefectly balances luxury with a sense of humor. We could not agree more.

We love the idea of being dressed by a super brand and nobody noticing it. We love this privacy feeling, it´s like keeping a secret. To us, what reveals who you are is your own style, the way you are, the way you move and not the label you wear.