Playing the role

Hi readers!

What is fashion if we do not take a risk? If we are not able to perform different roles? Nothing.

That is what the greatest Marc Jacobs had to be thinking about when he was looking for inspiration for the latest Louis Vuitton collection. The key is uniforms.

This fall-winter collection inspiration comes from maids and hotel staff. Pay attention to details: collars, cuffs, aligned buttons, colours, shapes. All is taken from uniforms but transformed and adapted to give a new luxury  image.

Few people have the ability and the talent to make things look different. Marc Jacobs together with Miuccia Prada are an example of designers that can make the meaning of common things change. That´s why we love their particular vision of fashion.

Understanding fashion is crucial in order to be able to adapt trends to your personal style without ending up dressed as if you were going to a carnival. Attitude, feeling comfortable and playing the role is what makes the difference. That is the best of fashion.

See you tomorrow!

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