New luxury era

Hi readers!

Sometimes we wonder what does a brand need to belong the select group of the luxury brands, but there is not only one answer. French experts would refer to heritage as a fundamental requisite to belong to this group, but it is not the only thing. Today luxury is perceived in a different way and brands need to show something more than a perfect image. Something really important is the concept of fashion linked to the art.

Yves Saint Laurent or Elsa Schiaparelli were masters in mixing these two concepts. What is true is that France is where the concept of luxury reaches its height.

Our last post showed a beautiful pair of shoes by Vionnet and today we would like to show you some pictures of the fall winter collection.

Absolutely chic! The new image of maison Vionnet is astonishing, surprising, and overwhelming. So elegant, so feminine. Will it be the savoir faire?

Vionnet is an old house with all the necessary features to lead the new concept of luxury. As Lanvin, Balmain or Givenchy, Vionnet has come back to stay and show what luxury is about.

See you all tomorrow!