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Hi readers!

I must admit there is something in some brands like the name, the style, the way they present the collections, the spirit and image they project that make me love them. 

Rochas is one of these names that instantly makes me move. I love the name, the way it sounds in French. I love the sense of privacy of its catwalks. Rochas is a brand with a very powerful DNA and very clear origins that makes it not need to pretend to be better than it is. Rochas has essence.

I get the same feeling with Vionet, or Stephane Roland, among others.

I particularly love when a name of a brand is not the protagonist of the outfit, I love brands that bring out the best of each one without being visible, without leading you to adopt a wrong role. 

Sometimes fashion and trends don´t let us look further and deeper but there is another level in fashion where exquisiteness is not on the first layer, neither on the label.


As many of you know, Marni for H&M has truly been a success but I must say that now I have mixed feelings about the brand. I loved when nobody knew the brand and just a few people wore it. Fever for Marni is spreading out faster than ever, everybody loves prints and wearing bulky necklaces. 

I always have the same feeling after this kind of fashion events. They make me feel I have had enough of the brand.

To finish, I just want to comment the astonishing Stephane Rolland that the Spanish actress Paz Vega wore to one of the Oscar´s parties. The best choice. Spectacular. I also would have worn a Stephane Rolland Haute Couture.

I want to greet to my friend Lucia, I would love to write as good as she does and transmit all these wonderful feelings. This is because Lucia, as some luxury brands, has that kind of essence!

See you all tomorrow!