Marble, the angular stone.

Hi readers!

Today, wearing sunglasses means much more than wearing something that protects your eyes from sunlight. Moreover, sunglasses are one of the first things we look at when you meet someone, therefore, they have to be cool and different.

Do not wear the same that everybody wears, it is boring and repetitive. Look for something with style, a luxury frame that reveals who you are, if they are expensive ones choose those that hide the brand in order to make it difficult to recognize them.

Try finding in them something original and new like the shape, the material, the design, if they were hand made or if any technology was used to make them unique.

These are our favourites. Hope you like them.

By Linda Farrow for Prabal Gurung. 

In case you are looking for something special, we recommend looking at these brands: SUPER, Linda Farrow, Karen Walker, Dita or Cutler and Gross. They have all the best.

We have to dedicate this post to our friend Blanc who would look sensational wearing our choice.  :  )

See you all tomorrow!