The road

Hi readers!

A friend of mine yesterday made me aware of the desires my blog and the things I show provoke. 

I have always been attracted by quality, colours, details such as the line, the gravity, the proportion and the effect that graceful garments cause on the body and how image changes with that. I learnt to develop the skills of categorizing and appreciating luxury values from my mother in a very natural and unconscious way, without the aim of being taught. 

I must recognize in her and in her generation the natural ability to distinguish quality without being necessarily attached to a luxury brand, a concept that nowadays doesn ´t  really exist because we all live under the influence of the these big names.

However, what is undeniable is that we all feel attracted by luxury. The meaning of this word comes from the technical term luxation. To sum up and to avoid being too heavy, Luxury is considered a deviation, an extreme pole where beauty and pleasure are over-valued. Luxury is not rational it is all about emotions, feelings.

The greatest Oscar Wilde said "I can resist everything except temptation", and I wonder, who is able to resist temptation? We would have to loose our senses.

I am glad to read that my blog evokes the luxury I love and is able to make people daydream. This is what luxury is about.

I have dedicated more than two years to my blog and more than 400 posts with the aim of inspiring someone, anytime, anywhere.

I have wondered to myself a thousand times why, and it´s simple; I have the necessity to share. I love reading the comments and seeing if people like or not what I choose because I put all of myself into my blog. 

I don´t know where will it take me, but it´s worthwhile!

Thanks for reading.