David Mabb

Hi readers!

Today inspiration comes from an artist that we have recently discovered, David Mabb.

It was my friend Paula Pita, a master in Art, who introduced us into William Morris´ world. Amazed by the exquisite prints that Jonathan Saunders presented for the FW 2011 collection, we wrote a post interpreting Jonathan Saunders´ prints as a type of Baroque art instead of what really was, Arts and Crafts that later influenced on Art Nouveau as Paula pinpointed.  

Inspired by the modest pattern we showed you yesterday, we kept researching about Mr. Morris´ drawings to find another artist that feels the same attraction by the talent of Morris´ work. We refer to David Mabb.

Using William Morris´ patterns as inspiration, David Mabb deconstructs, repaints, fills in and overlaps new and additional elements to create a new vision of the original paintings of Morris. The result is astonishing and fabulous; modern, visionary and really cool.

Looking at these paintings we better understand where does one of the most recent and powerful trends come from. Prints are coming up in many spring-summer collections and we will be seeing them next season. 

We love David Mabb´s work and we envy his talent.

Have a nice day.