The truly story of shoes ever told

A few days ago when I was looking at pictures of street style I realized that I could imagine what was going on only looking at the shoes. After observing them for a few seconds I started to imagine how shoes behave or react when they meet other pairs. 

As people do, I am pretty sure that shoes greet each other, fall in love or flirt with other pairs. Let see what happens!

(Right to left foot). Pretend you had not seen him!!!

(Red shoes thought). Oh my god, there he is... ok, let´s go! 
(Out loud). Excuse me gentleman, do you

Slow, Slow! Schhhhh...

On guard!!

(Confident and feeling powerful). Ladies, he is mine!

(Left to right foot). C´mon! I have to be always pulling from you!

High heels: Finally, I found you! 
NB: I..I..I´ve been thinking about...
High heels: (With a soft and tender voice). I love you!

To be continued...

There is another life a few metres down!