More than a trend

(Conclusion after a long, long research about street style.)

In the last few years one of the most powerful trends in fashion is trying to be cool and fashionable at any price following the street style code. People pretend to be who they are not and street style has become a ridiculous parade where weird combinations, summer clothes in winter, fur in summer, colourful accessories to highlight "originality and creativity" are the weapons of seduction.

But there are too many impostors!!! Imitators.  

Within the fashion world, the lack of talent and sense of style is more common than the truly personal charm. This is a fact. 

Some people play to be stylish because they want to be part of a cool group without being aware that what makes people attractive and stylish is their personalities, their innate attitude and behaviour, their capacity to be effortlessly elegant, sophisticated, natural and unique.

Just a few have this gift, indeed, there are more stylish people out of the fashion industry than within or at least they were not working at Harper´s BAZAAR with me. (This is not a criticism to the people I worked with, I include myself.)

I spend a lot of time looking for pictures, fashion details, consulting blogs in order to get inspired and  I can assure it´s pretty difficult to find true style out there.

We live a very fashionable moment where being stylish is over valued and  completely misunderstood. Style is much more than wearing the latest, iconic pieces together with unusual combinations. Behind an outfit there must be something special that only a few posses and the majority don´t.

Furthermore, not being the sensation of the street is not the end of the world. Even though the trend is to be stylish.

Sorry, I am very reflexive today!  :  )