The rich Damien Hirst


A few weeks ago I read an article about Damien Hirst regarding the current exhibition presented at  the Tate Modern in London. 

Experts do not understand the success of an artist that displays his lack of natural talent even though his work is a best seller worldwide. Some pieces reach extraordinary figures. 

"Damien Hirst is not an investment, his work is over valued", say experts,  pointing that his success is based on having a very productive workshop together with a powerful marketing and image campaign done by a well known agency.

Nevertheless, I must say I love the piece I show you today and I would buy it if I could.

(Damien; If by chance you read this post, could you please make my dream of possessing one of these pieces come true. I would be eternally grateful.)

Judge for yourselves diving into his web and do not miss out the exhibition in case you visit London.