DELPOZO  by Josep Font FW 2013

Amazingly exquisite and delicate. Josep Font for DELPOZO is a treat for the senses. Undoubtedly elegant, sophisticated and wearable at the same time. 

This work reminds me of some names such as Balenciaga, Dior, Valentino or Giambattista Valli, not because I am comparing them but for the powerful image of excellence and beauty the work itself reflects. So inspiring.

I am always sceptical and very critical with Spanish fashion and I must recognize I do not specially like what Spanish fashion resembles. I have always believed we are late adopters as we do not invest enough resources to find inspiration, materials and professionals to work with in order to create something really good. 

I am happy to see that some designers are trying to do something out of governmental funds support to go further, to reach new levels.

Congratulations Josep Font for DELPOZO on his impeccable work.