My first Sing post

Hi readers!

This is my first post from Singapore, the city where Im living right now. Im very excited about discovering a
 new city and a new way of life.

The flight was simply perfect. Flying in business class is something that everybody should try ad least once in a lifetime. The private terminal where I stayed at Doha airport was like a Four Seasons Hotel, there were smiling crew everywhere wiiling to help you.

My first challenge in Singapore is to find a flat. Yesterday I spent all day visiting condos around the centre of the city and still have a day full of apointments. Please wish me luck in this tough task.

Singapore seems to be a fashion paradise where shops are giants. Everybody wears Louis Vuitton bags and belts. Miu Miu and Prada bags are also quite famous and logos, which are demodé in Europe, live a new boom in a place like this where LV or Prada´s triangle are an institution. Personally I do not like them very much but here, miles away from my hometown , the perspective about fashion is completely different.

To my friends and followers, thanks for being there. I miss you all.