Hi readers!

Yesterday we left you with a beautiful picture of the high-heels designed by Charlotte Olympia, the latest shoe maker in London. She is known for adding an extra touch of creativity and madness to her shoes that make them much more fun. 

We did not drop a line because sometimes an image talks more than words. They looked perfect in the blog and the aim was to have you look at something beautiful and dream.

Today we want to talk about time: " it´s what life is made of ", as the film Gone with the Wind says.

We want to show the trendiest limited edition of watches all over the world.

By Almost Normal, a jewellery and brand from Hong Kong founded in 2009 by Florance Yip. The name of the collection, 270º, and the inspiration come from the owls and the misconception idea that they can twist their heads 360º.    O-O

It is a limited edition of 79 pieces for the silver and gold models and only 39 for the pink-gold worldwide. We need one!

You can purchase them at Colette.

Specially dedicated to Gonz. We know You´ll love it!