Black and nude for eternity

Hi readers!

What do classics have that make them timeless!

As in art, music or architecture, fashion has some "classics" such as certain colours, materials, shapes and patterns that never die and what is more, they are always cool.

Today we want to show you a pair of shoes from the latest collection fall-winter 2011-2012 of Stella McCartney that are a good example of this idea of timelessness.

Don´t you think they are absolutely fantastic? Without any doubt they are!

The eternal combination in black and nude, the curved and elongated shape of its high heels, the rounded front and the strap. Nothing is really new but the mix keeps being brilliant. It doesn´t  matter how long time goes by.

Obviously, classics must be adapted to the present in some way. We mean, fashion is in constant movement and despite designers frequently look back to get inspiration, things never look exactly the same nor are worn as they were used to. New ways to wear them come up.

In the world of fashion few things are able to endure for ever but these pair of shoes are an emblematic classic! An investment!! 

Have a nice day!