Wild Givenchy

Hi readers!

Polka dots, python skin, forties, powerful colours, fur, these are some of the main trends of the season we will see everywhere. But within fashion world, there are a few talented designers that can keep themselves away from seasonal trends and are able to show something different. 

This is the case of Ricardo Tisci, Creative Director of one of the most legendary brands of all times, Givenchy.

These are some details of the collection. Inspired in black panthers and Betty Page, the result is amazing and different from the rest. 

This wild animal is related with elegance, beauty, sophistication, exoticism, sensuality and this is what he transfers to the garments but in a luxurious way. These are the qualities that Tisci attributes to a woman. A being who posses all the grace and majesty of this beautiful cat.

A sample of his huge talent.

See you all tomorrow!