Angels by Lanvin

Hi readers!

It is impossible to love fashion without loving beauty and without feeling attracted by the magic aura that beautiful things posses. But the concept of beauty in fashion is very singular and wide open, there are no rules to objectively determine what is beauty or not.

Today we want to show you a collection that from our point of view transmits that kind of beauty that makes you dream, we refer to LANVIN and the exceptional work of Alber Elbaz.

The colours, the volumes, the jewellery. We specially love details at the seams, the idea of something unfinished, the concept of beauty imperfectly perfect.

The way the fabrics have been worked and the idea of making a dress modelling directly over the body of the model recall old times when fashion was not about producing massively and the creative process was harder and slower. Paying attention to details was crucial in order to show the best of each fashion house.

When something evokes and transmits the kind of beauty that makes you daydream it´s because it has soul, otherwise fashion as an art expression would not endure.

Please notice the beautiful message of the tattoo the last model has in the back. It says "only angels have wings"... "and wear LANVIN dresses".