A step from heaven

Hi readers!

So many times we have talked about how shoes can change the way women move. It´s a fact, they don´t look the same, neither behave the same wearing flats or beautiful high heels. 

Today we want to show you one of these fabulous pair of shoes that transform everything.

They are from the latest collection of Sergio Rossi. We personally love the brand. We have good memories from the shop there was in Madrid but, independently of that, we have always believed that Sergio Rossi transmits all the best of the Italian style.

The colour, the shape, the quality, the beautiful line they have is nothing compared to wearing them. They are magic.

As someone we perfectly know would say: we would buy them only for having the pleasure to look at them. 

We have to dedicate this post to Amparo. Hope you like it!

See you all tomorrow.