Strawberries delight

Hi readers!

I find myself within a creative process. A few weeks ago I found a printed fabric from Japan that I liked, it was like love at first sight. These things happen to me very often, I move myself by impulses. 

Blue navy background with strawberries all along the fabric. Fantastic, original, different. I bought a couple of meters with the idea of making a pair of trousers for myself. I designed a draft, wrote down some ideas and found a tailor. The work is not finished yet but I would like to show you the fabric and some details.

Here they are! 

The design is not very complicated, the main idea is to make something comfortable, wearable. The fabric is pure cotton, similar to poplin, so I added some patches on the knees and at the bottom in order to reinforce the area and make the trousers more resistant. Moreover, details like these drive me crazy. 

I love originality and creativity in common things, it doesn't matter what it is. I love people who have the ability and the talent to give different uses to objects, independently what they were created for. 

I love the style and the fashion concept of Comme des Garçon. I  think there is something in the fabric that reminds me to this brand . The strawberries as polka dots maybe? I am not very sure, but I like it and I love the idea of wearing a print like this! 

For the moment, it´s an idea becoming real. Now I see everything full of strawberries! jjjjj.

My good friend Ane, from the north of Spain, used to call me: Charlie designer, among other names. Who knows! 

See you on Monday. Have a nice weekend!