The new concept of real fakes

Hi readers!

We are back from our visit to Hong Kong. What an amazing city!

In terms of fashion there is nothing you can´t get. All luxury fashion brands have, at least, a huge boutique with a giant logo that makes it impossible to resist the temptation and not go inside. But there is another reality behind this powerful façade, another concept of fashion, we refer to the fakes. 

This is China, the paradise of luxury and also the paradise of fakes.

We want to show you some pictures we captured while we were walking down the street.

Tiny streets full of Chanel, Gucci, even fake Celine bags, nothing goes unnoticed by the professionals of the art of imitations. We had never expected to find the blue satin heels that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City, the film, but there they were!

We found it funny and cruel at the same time. The talent of the designers thrown down to the ground and on the other hand, affordable prices for those who don´t care about design and details.

From our point of view, nothing compares to the originals. Fakes transmit nothing, say nothing when you touch them.

Versus hanged and piled up without any consideration and waiting to be sold accessories, genuine products have something inside that makes them unique. We are not talking only about materials quality, which is essential, we talk about that special "something" that you can not touch but you can feel and makes you appreciate the difference.

But the last word is yet to be said and new trends are coming up: real fakes. Products that despite being fake are treated and displayed in a shop as if they were genuine. We saw this "new concept" in Shanghai and also in Hong Kong. A non-authorised shop which sells Prada, Balmain and Bottega Veneta bags from 800 to 1700 euros. Incredible! We had these bags in our hands and we were not able to notice if they were fake or genuine.

The problem is that  when prices rise or become similar to those at the flagship-stores, the product is not longer seen as a bargain, neither the experience is so pleasant.

To sum it up, there is much more within luxury objects, something that is impossible to imitate or copy. Something that makes them unmistakable and desirable. It´s in the air.