Italian style, Marni

Hi readers!

We spend a lot of time watching catwalks, magazines, shops and researching about trends, new talents and it-girls. Now that we have the opportunity to see a considerable amount of outfits and garments we have come to the conclusion that there is something in luxury brands that make clothes different and special. Touching Chanel fabrics is something that helps to understand the high price of a tweed jacket. The fall of some dresses and blouses and the inner style that some garments posses is not comparable to the clothes at H&M, Zara and the rest of "fashion" giants. It´s a fact.

During the weekend we´ve been to some of our favourites shops. We were at Dries Van Noten and we left the shop amazed by the exquisite quality and sophistication of the entire collection. It´s very difficult to transmit through words the feeling we had in the shop. Afterwards we went to Marni which in terms of sophistication is less powerful. However, the inner style of the Italian brand, its prints, accessories and patterns reflect the sublime personal taste of its designer and Creative Director, Consuelo Castiglioni.

Today we want to show you the fall-winter collection of Marni. To us, the most stylish brand. Enjoy.

We can´t help it, we love what Marni is and represents. We are not objective about Marni.

Just one more thing, Alicia was spectacular in Marni outfits!

Have a nice Monday!