Swatch fever


It may not be understandable, like all passions, but I can´t help loving Swatch watches. Since I had my first swatch watch I have always felt so in love with them that I have become a collector and a loyal consumer. 

I find Swatch´s world fascinating, the colours, the combinations, this peculiar freedom spirit and the brilliant idea of having a piece of art made of plastic.

I talk from my experience when I say that no other brand can substitute them, even the most luxurious ones, nothing compares to Swatch.

I want to show you my latest treat, I refer to a vintage piece from the 90´s that is now on its way to Singapore.

I love the retro style, the colours and the geometric print it has.  I know it´s not rational. Each time I dive into internet looking for new models I find it more difficult to just choose one. How can I decide which one is my new favourite when I need all? All of them are awesome.

Of course, I couldn´t buy just one! ;  )

I specially love the ones related with art or those who were created by artists in the 90´s. If this Christmas you want to make me happier, please, visit   ;  )   jajajaja

What about if I create a wish list with all of them? 

People who know me know about my passion! 

Miss you all!