Fashion journey

Hi readers!

Monday and seated in front of the laptop ready to start a new post. 

Sometimes we have the impression that we sound a bit redundant in what we say, but it´s our nature what makes us highlight the same good qualities in fashion. We do not believe in the power of a trend, a celebrity or a magazine. Trends are just rules and we hate saying what people have to wear.

There is another level in fashion that is not about looking for notoriety or showing off. This stage is about taste, about feelings,  about dreams.

Today we want to show you some pieces and details from the LANVIN´s SS collection. 

This is delicacy, this is talent, this is what makes you dream. Moreover, sheer and transparency are one of the main trends of the season. 

In the previous season we talked about Lanvin angels, showcasing what the tattoo of a model said, but this season also suggests Greece and its classics in the images you see above. This part of collection reminds us of the brilliant work of Phidias, a sculptor that knew as no other artist how to transform marble into something light, soft.

To our opinion, women represent the new Karyatides covered with beautiful tunics that elegantly show their legs while the wind makes the fabrics blow. 

The designer, Alber Elbaz, explains that his work is inspired in angels that return to life from the hell. It has more sense if you see the complete collection and pay attention to details such jewellery, icons, shapes and make up.

As you can see, fashion can take you anywhere!