Angels rule the world

Hi readers!

Yesterday we finished the post talking about Alber Elbaz´s inspiration to create the latest spring-summer collection of Lanvin. Angels come directly from hell, that´s the idea. 

The designer plays with opposing ideas showing fragile tulles that can not hide anything, nor protect; the idea of vulnerability. On the other hand we see the inner strength of the angels to be back on earth maintaining still traces of their passage through hell. Angels are back!

Shoulder-pads recall angels had wings in the past, in fact, you can also see wings as a piece of jewellery, snakes that surround the body, the hair, the silhouettes, the attitude of models and the way they move as if they were tempting you to become one of them. Amazing.

Angels are back and they do not represent pureness and goodness. They have power and keep on wearing Lanvin. 

We have to dedicate this post to our friend Chelo. A truly angel!