Hi readers!

Today we want to show you the best of Antonio Berardi spring-summer collection 2012. Nothing is really new but, we like the style we find in his clothes, specially the suits, one of the main trends of the season. 

Leave aside for a second the pencil skirts and the tight dresses we are used to seeing and focus on this trend: soft-tailoring. The movement of  the fabrics, the concept of comfort linked to a very stylish image, the simplicity of straight lines and shapes and  the idea of not being overdressed. 

We have always thought that being elegant and looking natural is not possible if you don´t feel comfortable in your outfit, this is key.

The last outfit is less soft-tailored than the rest but shows a sophisticated image of a suit and still mainteins the idea of being natural through the soft tones and materials on top.

The surprise comes with the fabulous Manolo´s that were exhibited on the runway. Berardi choose Akanto and Antosli models from the latest spring-summer collection of Manolo Blahnik to complete the looks. Perfect combination.

Sometimes wearable and quality pieces make you look better than complicated and new formulas. This is an evidence why classics will never die.