The truly story of shoes ever told

One day while I was doing a research for a fashion magazine, and after watching hundreds of street style pics I started to imagine conversation between shoes, a parallel reality a few metres down. This is the third chapter. Hope you like it!

I recommend you read the last two chapters in order to understand the whole idea. They are not too long!! Click here:

(Left to right foot
R: (Moaning)I´m sooo tired, this heat is killing me!
L: Next time we have to come by taxi! 
(Looking at the following pair of shoes)Both: Ohhhhhhhh..have you seen thaaat!!!!
(After a while) Did you see who it was?

(Left to right foot after burning rubber)
R: Wow, c'est fantastique!What a ride!
L: Only Prada could have designed a pair like us!

To be continued...