Mixing prints

Hi readers!

Winter collections are about to disappear from the shops and resort ones will come up shortly. The fashion industry never takes a rest and we have to move on.

For this period in between seasons the key trend is to wear a mix of winter-spring styles. It doesn't mean that you have to die from cold, that´s not cool, nor wise. We suggest you use the imagination to adapt some colourful prints, shapes and accesories in order to create a balanced look.

Today we want to show you two  perfect examples of the idea we are talking about. Look.

Both pieces present floral prints but notice that the clutch has more dark tones and the main motive is a purple flower surrounded by foliage. In contrast, the bright colours of the high-heels.

The yellow tones and the black background is what they have in common. It´s precisely the mix of these two, yellow and black, together with white and purple what make these prints work perfectly.

The clutch belongs to the current Givenchy's winter collection while platforms belong to Giuseppe Zanotti's spring-summer collection 2012.

We love the idea of mixing prints in order to add more fun to winter looks but remeber that not all prints work well together.

We are glad to be back. Have a nice weekend!